Sunday, October 3, 2010

no time for nothin'

one of my grad school friends gave me a large bag of fresh basil--i used it on a baked potato w. spinach, guac, and onion. ohhhhh my! [so good]

made this party dip--hormel vegetarian chili w. onion, corn, and guac on top--and black olives--yummmm.

i made these pb cookies w. mint chocolate drizzle for a girls' night. i ate all of them in 2 days...except three which i wanted to save for my mom. needless to say, i made myself sick. :( but i guess that's good, b/c i thought they were delicious...

baked potato from my dad's garden w. spinach, nutritional yeast, and onion...

the apple orchard is open again! so that means PUMPKIN BUTTER. i think i might try to replicate this, this fall [if i ever get time]. wish me luccckkkk!
peanut butter cookie my grad friends bought me for my b-day. :) so thoughtful!

leftover black bean burgers from my brother's cook-out--YUM.

more [perfected] carrot muffins!

happy fall!

is time going this fast for everyone??