Friday, February 24, 2012

over eater over eater

trader joe's garlic hummus with pretzels. this is one of my favorite things to eat!

 i am a big dipper (har har). i like to dip things so i usually dip the toast in the spaghetti sauce and then eat an olive for good measure. good stuff.

this is really an odd creation. it is some tomato paste that i had to use up. i watered it down a little and added some oregano to it. then, on top of that are chopped artichoke hearts and green olives. and lots and lots of ground peppercorn (that stuff is so great!!!).

my friend jessica gave me a little care package of goodies the other day and these were in it. very delicious--isn't all chocolate? the reason the on the left looks a little flat and wrinkly is because i had already eaten it when taking the picture. haha. i will admit that they have both been devoured and it has only been 1 week.

i made dinner for the above mentioned jess a few nights ago. this is something that i made for my graduation party from college TWO years ago!! how could it have been that long ago?! but, anyway, it's stuffed shells!! that's the shells boiling and the tofu/liquid smoke and spinach browning/sauteeing.

i forgot to take a picture until after we'd eaten half of it. but here is what it looked like when baked. so, so delicious!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

a quick post

 mashed potatoes!! these are a ton of leftover potatoes. 

noodles in peanut sauce

a valentine's treat.

a little whole wheat gnocchi.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

got no post title for ya today, my words have been all used up.

^^ so many TJ's cookies--REaL VaNILlA BeAN! i can't buy them anymore. it is virtually impossible for me to eat just 2 in one sitting.

 ^^salad with spinach, red cabbage, mushroom, carrot, green olive, LOTS of oregano and wishbone fat free italian dressing.

^^broccoli & onion in peanut sauce.

^^leftover TVP chunks with red cabbage, onion, and peanut sauce.

^^millet! that stuff is so weird! but only 60cals for one cup?! i sweetened with maple syrup and ate with soymilk. i kinda like it!

^^orzo with roasted red peppers, green olive, spinach, and red cabbage. as i write this, i realize i forgot the oregano. i also would like to add that while i usually use olive oil in this sort of creation, it is just as good (if not better) with none. the red peppers are incredibly flavorful and the green olives give it some saltiness. perfect.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lots of potato

^^  mashed potatoes w. some vegan butter && garlic/parsley. delicious.

 ^^ gnocchi w. spinach, garlic/parsley && butter. i neverrrrrr eat  butter but my mom has it at home and i couldn't resist.

^^ romaine lettuce wraps w. TJ's garlic hummus and black olives. (not pictured: pretzels)

 ^^ all wrapped up to be consumed.

^^ because one is never enough. here i tried a different wrapping technique.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

eating eating eating

i feel like all i've been doing lately is eating and thesis work.

beautiful salad w. spinach, carrot, mushroom, green olive, and ground peppercorn. i love ground peppercorn--it adds such a nice touch. also, red cabbage gives a great crunch!

leftover stuffed green peppers turned into a soup of sorts.

BBQ jackfruit. there's a piece of toast underneath all of that jazz.

 leftover pancake mix from the freezer.

i've been taking easily transportable foods to the library--tortilla wrap w. mashed chickpea mixture (chickpea, mustard, pickles, dill, and garlic powder) and red cabbage. an excellent mixture!

 another chickpea mixture (chickpea, spinach,  green olive, tomato sauce)

baked potato w. red cabbage, mushroom, and tomato sauce. seems odd, but surprisingly good.

 raw almond butter on dates--this is something i truly enjoy.

just your regular yellow curry--potatoes, peas, onion, and corn.