Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my aspirations

so, lately i've been watching the food channel quite a bit. and i have come up with a list of foods i would like to make throughout the rest of the semester. some i have made before, but others are new...

--rice cooked in red wine (i saw this on rachel ray && was intrigued)
--beer battered BBQ tofu (i love anything beer...haha)
--falafel (made it this summer && loved it, but i try not to eat it often b/c it's fried)
--veggie low mein
--lentil soup on a bed of rice (flavored with tabasco sauce)
--chili with broccoli, onions, chickpeas, tomatoes, and red wine
--blueberry pancakes (alwayssss a favorite)
--french toast
--cinnamon rolls
-spring rolls

so! this is my list so far. i'm excited!


lo-mein-esque yummies!

i don't have much time or much food in the apartment at the moment. but i did have some spaghetti noodles and some very delicious soy sauce from soy vay. it's the veri veri teriyaki. it's probably the best i've had everrr. these pictures don't make it look delicious, but it certainly was! also, i put some garlic and onion, parsley, basil, and oregano in the water as it boiled. perfect.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

!vegan sushi!

i am super happy to be living with a vegetarian this year b/c we can have special fun meal nights and cook for each other! yayy. i made pizza one night--but of course, failed to take pictures because it was so delicious. she made sushi and i was a veryyyy happy camper while eating it:::

more random foods i ate last year....what a delicious year of FOOD. mmm.

so, here are some random posts of food that i ate last year...

a breakfast post? perhaps?? i have all of these photos from foods i've made the past year so i want to get them out of the way and make room for NEW creations!

these babies are mocha chocolate chip muffins from vegan with a vengeance:::

i made pancakes several times throughout the year--each time they get even yummier. i think i actually like them more than the box kind. which i LOVED pre-vegan.

so, i made these vegan nachos in a hurry so i didn't chop up the olives or make them prettier. disappointing aesthetically, but tasty and delicious!

and a homemade black bean burger i made over the summer:::

black bean burger recipe::
-1 can 15oz. black beans drained/rinsed
-7-8 soda crackers
-1 Tbsp. garlic powder (give/take depending on taste) >>i heart garlic
-a pinch of salt
-2 pieces of whole wheat bread crumbled

all you have to do is microwave (or heat in a saucepan), mash them up, add everything but the soda crackers. crush the soda crackers in a bowl then roll the bean burger patties in them. these are best grilled, but you can microwave them or pan fry them as well. quick&&easyyy.

these are stuffed peppers that i made this past summer. it includes green peppers from my father's garden, fresh mushrooms, a little bit of rice, corn, and black beans. topped with oregano. DELICIOUS.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

and so it is...

anyone that knows me knows i spend obscene amounts of time browsing vegan blogs, watching cooking channels, and making fun things to eat. so...since i get annoyed when my favorite blogs aren't updated regularly, everyone alwayyssss asks me what i eat, and i love to blog...TADA. henceforth, you will find my randomly delicious meals. vegan to the best of my abilities. also, the name little hippie vegan girl is a reference from my very best friend. i've known her since she was zero (literally visited her in the hospital when i was 8 months) and she refers to me [lovingly] as such.