Friday, October 28, 2011

a few fall goodies

 chili from big lots! this wasn't too bad, but i like my own homemade chili best.

spinach & romaine w. green olives.

 toast w. some sugar free black raspberry jelly

carrot soup w. progresso lentil soup mixed in...pretty legit. it was delicious even though it doesn't look so pretty.

baked potato w. black olives [it's these random snacks that i love so much]

tea && puffed red wheat. this has a bit of soymilk, a banana, & a splash of maple syrup.

these are THE BEST things ever!! i got them at big lots. rice cake goodness w. a hint of blueberry. i just purchased the pomegranate ones which are still good, but not as good.

more curry from a few weeks ago. i told you, i could not stop.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

october, october

this is what my fridge looked like after comps were over... i'm kind of surprised there is so much booze left...
this is the pizza i consumed x3 after finishing comprehensive exams. i had been craving it the entire week. it was just as wonderful as i had imagined even though it isn't very pretty. OH! and i found out i passed!!!!!!!!! i got a low pass in methods which i expected, but i got a high pass with distinction in theory! and they said that it was one of the best exams the committee had ever read. what a relief to be finished!! now, it's thesis concentration time!

i've been obsessed w. making things curried lately. here is a baked & mashed potato with curry powder, tumeric, seasoning salt, and paprika. it's mushroom gravy from campbell's i believe. it was a lot better than this picture alludes. i promise!

continuing on the curry streak--this is coconut curry w. the same spices as above.


this is a result of a big lots trip. check out the whole wheat gnocchi!! yeauuuh! i have a sauce i want to make for this--it's ground cumin, a touch of ginger and coconut milk. it tastes just lie alfredo sauce.

our local apple orchard sells these babies now. they are so delicious! and they even say vegan on them which is always my favorite thing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

birthday && lots of stress eating!!

i had a birthday in mid-September and so my lovely friends came to celebrate w. me in DK. my friend maggie whom i've known since she was 0 (i was 8mos when i visited her after she was born) and my friend julia and her little daughter came to celebrate. also, my wonderful friends from the grad program helped me celebrate as well. maggie made me these incredibly delicious chocolate cupcakes w. oreo frosting (YUM?!). my brother had one later and asked if they were really vegan. he devoured them.
my parents && one brother came to take me to dinner && for cake. it was a lovely way to spend the day.
one of my favorite birthdays ever! some phone pics to commemorate....

the following photos are a result of major stress eating leading up to taking comprehensive exams:::

cookies w. some chocolate banana ice cream

banana ice cream

some pasta w. garlic && roasted red pepper tossed with some olive oil and nutritional yeast.

look at all that pasta!!!!!!!

this lovely pizza was a result of a visit to acquaviva winery. this place was so great && the photo in the take-home box simply does not do this place justice. so happy to have been introduced to this place! ;) we did a wine tasting && then had dinner--it was excellent.

kale, onion, and garlic sauteed--so great!

hey, look, i'm like a mini-Shen!! i've purchased two of these babies b/c they were only $12.99?! the store got a shipment of bottles that were larger than what they carry. i was skeptical of the apple flavor, but it was delightful.

summer wrap-up

i know it's been awhile. there's been a lot going on && my busy-ness is not going to ease up anytime soon. i just finished comprehensive exams last saturday which were a major stress and source of my having little time. they weren't too bad, i will find out if i passed somewhere around the 21st!

anyway, this little smoothie was from a trip to IA where i visited my aunt && cousins. downtown cedar rapids has a great farmer's market. i'm talking massive && wonderful. this is a PB, banana && coconut smoothie. so delicious! it was like a milkshake.

peppers, tomatoes, onion, && potatoes. i season this with weber grill seasoning.

this is homemade salsa w. some red peppers from the above mentioned farmer's market.

two of the several dozens of ears from my dad's garden. so wonderful.

tomatoes from my dad's garden.

soooo much, so much.

stuffed peppers!!