Monday, June 20, 2011


my mom made an ice cream roll for brother's birthday [non-vegan]. so i improvised.

homemade guac w. pita chips.

went to a farmer's market in wisconsin the other day. i got some garlic, oregano, and this kale plant. my dad is going to plant it in the garden. i can't wait!

strawberry banana smoothie w. lots of soymilk && a splash of vanilla.

banana w. pumpkin butter. made a little switch-up from PB.

i went out the other night for drinks && when i got home, this is what was appealing to me. hmmm...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

still summer...

stock salad here w. garden lettuce & onion, baby carrrots && trader joe's garlic hummus (MMM!)

the above mentioned hummus...
mushrooms w. hummus

almond butter! i have never tried it && have yet to use it. i can't wait! i usually just use pumpkin butter b/c it's delicious.

garden salad w. sunflower seeds.

green tea w. a banana && PB.

made dinner for my boyfriend the other night. this was lasagna [looks pretty sorry here] w. smoky black beans && corn, mushroom and spinach. the salad contains mushroom, onion, and carrot even though you can't seem them. also, the wine is from trader joe's...i reallllllly liked it and i am definitely going to stock up the next time i am there.

also, he made me dinner the other night and it was delicious! rice and black beans w. red bell pepper, onion, and some spicy pepper. we topped it with guac. later, we made homemade tortilla chips w. the corn shells. and then, we had a lovely little walk. unfortunately, i didn't have my camera and didn't take a picture on my phone b/c it tasted so delicious that i was distracted. just wanted to give him some cred for the meal. ;)

more tea && banana w. PB. perhaps, a consistent summer breakfast?? we shall see.

one of my grad school friends got married last weekend and i had some time to kill before the reception. i stopped at whole foods && picked up a few things. this was one of them. i think it could probably be safe to say that this is my favorite kind of hummus [a BOLD statement]. it's definitely a tie b/t this && trader joe's garlic.

i forgot how much i like the taste of hummus && cucumbers. this was the first from my dad's garden && it was sort of small. i ate all of it and want more soon. last year, i ate cucumbers like it was my job. they are great.

Monday, June 13, 2011

all i've been doing lately is eating

cornbread w. the recipe from post punk kitchen. i added 1 tsp of vanilla and i used coconut milk rather than soy.

i really like this b/c it is so dense and decadent. i tried to get a picture of it sliced, but it isn't very good.

some black beans and corn cooked in a pan w. some liquid smoke. the beans get all soft and smoky---SO GOOD.

tofu scramble!! i love the texture of tofu after it has been frozen and thawed and marinated in mustard, garlic, and liquid smoke. so, so good.


strawberries not looking so pretty in chocolate syrup.

oyster crackers w. dill && garlic powder and just a touch of oil. oh, then i microwaved them a little to warm them. you're supposed to put them in the oven on low and bake them. whatever, i'm lazy.

pink lemonade powder, fresh lime juice, green tea [perhaps the tea was omitted for this one b/c it looks too clear] && club soda

frozen pumpkin put in the food processor w. 1 tsp PB, chocolate syrup and soymilk. yeah, guess who bought more PB and can't stop eating it again??

the last of the frozen banana w. the same ingredients above [instead of pumpkin].

Thursday, June 9, 2011


iced tea w. a slice of peach. later it was sweetened w. the stevia plant i purchased at a flea market a few weeks ago.

banana && peach smoothie w. a touch of vanilla extract. i forgot the dates which add another [better] dimension.

some iced mint coffee. it was a treat--i've been staying away from it.

i made magic bars for my dad so i ate the two ingredients that i can.

pickles && pretzels.

black beans [in liquid smoke i think] w. some mushrooms && garden onion.

black beans w. mushroom in sweet baby ray's bbq sauce.

so delicious knows what is up. this is my new favorite ice cream. i used to think that the mint marble was my favorite, but this reaches a new level for me.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

days go by

frozen broccoli, corn with garlic and some spaghetti sauce. i know this sounds weird, but i like it.
garden lettuce, radish, frozen corn, some dressing [the kraft kind i do not like].

oatmeal w. raisin, cardamom, cinnamon, and a splash of maple syrup.

leftover whole wheat buns w. spaghetti sauce. there's something about spaghetti sauce that i want right now. i don't get it.

ate a whole bag of edamame yesterday. not so bad b/c there were only 3 servings in the package.

garden asparagus. i've been eating this for several days. those are garden onions as well!

spaghetti, mushroom, broccoli && basil from my plant! sorry the picture sucks.

my mom's strawberry pie. i probably ate like 3 pieces in one day. so simple, yet so delicious.