Sunday, January 30, 2011

it's gonna be a rough semester...let's focus on the FOOD!

spinach salad:: took this to go when i had to work in the lab on statistics homework for 12 HOURS. that was the first assignment and if it's any indication of the remainder of the semester, i do not know how i am going to do it.

i've been obsessed w. darjeeling tea lately!

my newest creation: banana "ice cream." it is the [very popular] frozen banana placed in the food processor w. some soymilk and chocolate syrup. then, i mix in some crushed peppermints and freeze it. when it comes out, the texture is like peppermint ice cream (you know, the x-mas time candy cane stuff ??). this is delicious. sorry for the terrible photo though.

this is after it's been frozen--has the grainy texture...yummmm. you can see the small piece of banana that didn't get ground up...ughh.

breakfast: a banana, some puffed red wheat

what happens when i get chocolate cravings?? i go overboard. this is melted semi-sweet chocolate chips mixed w. melted crunchy peanut butter, and stirred in oatmeal.

then, i pressed it into a small pan and let it set in the fridge. then, i devoured it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

pizza! pizza! pizza!

we went out for my dad's birthday tonight. the restaurant has a vegan delight pizza w. mushroom, artichoke, basil, && onion.

it is delicious! these photos do not do it justice--the pizza was far pretty on the pan they baked it in. also, this is half the pizza.

i've been drinking a lot of this diet cranberry sierra mist. sadly, i had given up my addiction to pop and this brought it back again. ughhh. at least it's seasonal.

i won't even mention that my coffee addiction is back too...

Friday, January 21, 2011

holy sodium.

i have been salt crazed these past few days. i had some popcorn the other night and used wayyy too much salt. i had some progresso lentil soup w. my own addition of corn mixed in...and then...

pretzels, pretzels, pretzels!!!!!!! i have not been able to stop eating them today. up above they are mixed w. raisins--my little trail mix if you will. i did not take a picture of this, but...i ate some more dipped in mustard. i LOVE pretzels and mustard. it was not a pretty picture so i skipped it [too busy shoveling them into my mouth more like it].

our family friends' got me hooked on these gems. they are spicyyyy but they are quite delicious.

i used them in a salad too!! that's romaine w. carrot, onion, mushroom, and picklesss.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i MORE post before school begins!!

tomorrow marks the first day of class for me. i have, however, begun research again. blah, blah. i want summer! well, i'd even take spring at this point. i haven't been outside of my apartment since friday and i am not looking forward to doing so tomorrow for class. booooooo winter.

salad. yummy salad! it was eaten w. some ground mustard and some wishbone fat free italian on it.

mushrooms sauteed in a little pinot noir.

peanut butter. UGH. i seriously need to lay off the peanut butter. i need to get serious about losing the few extra x-mas pounds. i feel gross and eating too much [gloriously crunchy] peanut butter is not helping. the jelly is delicious though--smuckers red raspberry [black raspberry is great too]--the sugar free kind is awesome!

i had a little wine to finish off so i treated myself. i got started on a lot of research so it was a bit of a reward as well. :) the food is brown rice, romaine, carrots, onion, mushroom && the leftover BBQ sauce.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

last post before school begins again.... :(

ants on a log!!! lots of ants...

you can tell it's the beginning of the semester when my fridge is full of stuffs.

rice crackers!! i ate sooooo many of these. and hummus--it was on sale for 0.99 cents! i bought like 13 of them. i really should start making it again.

my mom and i stopped in my dad's hometown this past summer and we bought this at the galena cannery. i'd been wanting to use it for awhile but hadn't gotten around to it. i figured i should use it up since i'd be gone for another semester.

i just made spaghetti (sadly, my mom didn't have whole wheat), mushroom, onion, and green olives on top. i have never been a huge fan of green olives (black allllll the way), but i did enjoy their added dimension to the dish. very delicious!

Monday, January 10, 2011

i am a creature of habit

when i find something i enjoy, i usually tend to eat it over and over and over until i get tired of it for the time-being. what can i say? i am a creature of habit.

this salad is just spinach, romaine lettuce, cilantro, carrot, onion and dried cranberries. that red stuff on top is salsa. i like salsa on my salad. this had chunks of jalepeno and onion which added a little kick. it was yummy.

another variation w. tomato and brussel sprouts marinated in liquid smoke and balsamic vinaigrette this time.

next up, frozen banana, a bit of chocolate syrup, a tablespoon of peanut butter, lots of ice and a bit of water. i always say this, but it's so good that i think i prefer it over ice cream [maybe i just haven't had ice cream for so long i forgot how delicious it is]. either way, this is definitely better for me.

another variation...banana, ice and diet rootbeer. kinda like a rootbeer shake, but better.

i eat the same thing for breakfast with different variations thrown in. this is oatmeal w. my mom's homemade apple sauce [i basically eat gallons of it]. in fact, the other day i pretty much only ate applesauce. it's that good.

oatmeal w. a sliced apple and a dash of maple syrup. w. plain old coffee--such a delight!

school begins again january 17th. i am dreading the semester. :(

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!~

i have not been very good at documenting my eatings as of late. i think i've acquired 50 trillion extra pounds this semester which carried over to the holidays. i really wish i could bike everyday like i did this summer. what a stress reliever. anyway. here is my x-mas eve dinner: a little guac, a little sweet potato, a little carrot and a glass of chianti.

this is from awhile ago--somewhere near the beginning of december. it was not very delicious. it was the box of sloppy joes but i used tomato soup instead of tomato paste so that could explain some of it. i think a better hypothesis would be that i just don't like pre-packaged food items. or that i am picky about fake meat b/c i try not to eat it often. either way i won't be buying it again.

this beauty is a sweet potato from my dad's garden. we have a billion lying around here. they are abnormally huge. some of them like the size of my head. this is a small one.

i tried the fry option--baked (not fried!). but i like it steamed, mashed, and plain much, much better!

this week i've been eating lots of salad w. steamed portabello mushrooms. YUM!

i hope everyone has had a very happy beginning to the new year.