Thursday, March 17, 2011

need to rethink my recent diet

the food i have been eating lately has been too much and too ughhhhh. i need to start eating more fruits and veggies and save dessert for special occasions. anyway, here's a rundown from the past month or so...

made pizza for my boyfriend...of course, the one time i want it to be delicious it does not turn out. one crust was better, one didn't have enough garlic and i used the wrong tomato sauce. UGH. so frustrated. he was a good sport though. i will have to

chocolate from germany...those europeans know their shit. this was divine.

baby spinach, corn [mmm! craving that a lot lately] and mushroom. delicious.

definitely been eating too many of these guys...i usually eat the no salt kind, but these were the kind at my parent's house and i've been there quite a bit lately.

i made brownies for my special someone, but i ended up eating the entire pan myself in like 5 days. i really need rethink current eating habits...


twizzlers...had them for breakfast one day [gross].

chickpeas, baby spinach, mushroom, and spaghetti sauce added simple, so yum.

chocolate && whole wheat ritz crackers....

i bought a 6lb can of chickpeas...thus, the massive amounts of chickpea usage && hummus:

lots of bud select 55, pretzels, and hummus.

avocado w. whole wheat ritz crackers w. butter--nature's butter!

salad--mixed greens w. olive, onion, and dressing...

the last of the PB is gonnnne...i am NOT buying more. those apples were delicious though.

more mixed greens...onion, mushroom, and carrot...

foodsies from someone thoughtful

my incredibly thoughtful boyfriend has been buying me so many delicious foodsies when he goes to whole foods. i think i've gained so many lbs. but the food is beyond delicious.

this was my favorite hilary's cookie so far. he also got a chocolate chip one and below a cranberry oatmeal. mmmm! hilary knows what's up.

these pictures aren't very good b/c i took them with my phone in bad lighting. [sorry!] but seriously, the cookie was like a cookie on the outside but on the inside, it had a brownie-like consistency. incredible.

cranberry oatmeal cookie && sweet and sara s'mores!

roasted red pepper hummus--best hummus EVER. well, this and trader joe's garlic hummus could be a tie. those pita chips were delicious as well.

vegan pizza from whole foods! it was interesting (i have never had daiya cheese before). i don't usually dabble in fake cheese and so i prefer pizza w. no cheese and just sauce. but, it was awesome to try it. :)