Saturday, August 20, 2011

random summer bits

this was from early in the summer...PB on a rice cake w. some choco chips.

homemade granola bars::flaxseed, raisin, oatmeal, and puffed red wheat held together w. almond butter [my new love].

looks like soft serve ice cream doesn't it? frozen banana, food processed and chocolate chunks added.

homemade bean burger patties--flaxseed was used to bind them and they are topped w. basil.

homemade hummus w. too much oil. but i use a little extra when taking it someplace like a get-together.

hummus on carrot.

result of a trader joe's visit. such great wine i needed to stock up.

soy free, dairy free, nut free, everyyyything free cookies. pretty good. got these at big lots. kudos big lots.

1 of 2 GIANT watermelons. i love watermelon.

best. tea. ever. [and no caffeine!]

the following are a result of a trader joe's visit:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

garden veggies: a rundown


stuffed tomato w. basil from my herb garden.

stuffed peppers.

pepper stuffing.


chopped && ready for roasting.

the baba ganoush.

the wrap w. bell peppers && onion && black olive.

the insides.

baked potato w. frying peppers.

that kale plant from a long time ago really took off. i'll have to photograph it again soon. these are kale chips w. nutritional yeast.

green beans!

various veggies w. horseradish hummus [i did NOT like this].

Thursday, August 11, 2011

good-bye summer

tea && peaches

w. some PB && rice cake.

an ice cream cookie i made for my mom but ended up eating. that's soy fudge mocha wedged between PB/chocolate chip cookies. this was damn good.


stir fry w. garden veggies.

roasted cabbage from the garden.

leftover spaghetti w. garden veggies.