Saturday, March 27, 2010


i love chipotle. i LOVE chipotle.

i wrote an article for my column on chipotle because i've been wanting to eat there for a verrrry long time--it's been ages! but also b/c it's a chain and so i could eat at the one at home, but still include a c-u related article.

here are the pictures. the column will be up sometime on wednesday.

honestly, all i could think about upon leaving was when i would be able to go back. haha! my mom and dad gave me a giftcard for x-mas and i plan on using it when i get back to school. it will be a nice treat considering the loads of work i need to get done in the month of april.

Friday, March 26, 2010

i'm a slacker

i apologize for the complete lack of posts lately. i've been busy preparing for spring break, traveling home for spring break, and entertaining my family with my antics during spring break [not really]. i feel like i've done nothing productive, but i have spent a lot of well-used time visiting with family and friends. i even accompanied my brother for the purchase of his car. yay!

but here are a few pictures. nothing spectacular or anything. i did eat at chili's the other evening with my brothers...they've added quite a few things to their menu. one of them, the carribean salad [without meat!] is divine. i got the citrus balsamic dressing instead of honey lime. otherwise, it had pineapple, cranberries, cilantro, chives, and mandarin oranges on it. well, mine didn't have the mandarin but it was supposed to. i could have eaten 18 of those salads. i have also been utilizing the salad bar at other various hole in the wall dining establishments that my parents have taken me to.

i made this blueberry and strawberry smoothie twice the other day. smoothies are highly underrated in this world.

i made blueberry pancakes today and put some strawberries on top. i used maple syrup that my parent's friends brought back from an amish community. my parents didn't like it, but there's this hint of smokiness that i find delightful.

i made these cupcakes as a sample of what my graduation cake will be like. it's between the lemon cupcake recipe or the mocha chip recipe in vegan with a vegeance. i will say that i am incredibly annoyed when i make vegan items and my omnivore family tries them and then feels the need to declare that they're good for being vegan but not as good as theirs. yeah. okay. i get it. you're stuff is supposedly superior b/c i'm the weirdo that doesn't eat eggs or butter or milk and what i make is automatically inferior b/c i don't use those items. i like what i make and maybe it doesn't taste the same, but it tastes just splendidly TO ME.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

yet another reviewwwwwwwww

bombay indian grill review

i promise i will have more photos of food soon. this week has been pretty bland--like oatmeal && popcorn && tomato juice. gross. i can't wait to be home to make yummyyy food.

happy st. patrick's dayyyyyy!!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


i haven't been eating much of anything lately. at least not much of anything interesting. i have been consuming copious amounts of orange. last weekend i was feeling pretty ill (the peak of my 4 week illness), so i consumed 2 half-gallon containers of orange juice as well as a variety of individual oranges. i love them. i actually had about 4 of them the other day--within a 5 hr time period. it was crazy.

otherwise, i had some tomato soup. i did have some ramen flavored with my own cajun seasoning as well as some liquid smoke. they tasted diviiiiiiine.

also, here are some sneak peaks of my review for this week. it was for a place on campus called bombay indian grill. i will tell you that i am a huge fan of curry--i ate stir-fried veggies in curry sauce for practically all of last summer. so, what i'm getting at is that i LOOVED this meal. LOVED IT. this is the vegetable jalfrezi.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

some pretty pics from my upcoming article--the bread company

the next article i wrote for the vegan column will be up quite soon. here are some pictures from that review. i ate at a place called the bread company. the windows are lined with wine bottles and the atmosphere is so quaint and charming. i lovvvved it there. i want to go back and try the roasted veggie sandwich. mmmmm!


i had the hummus sandwich::: this was so light and fresh and the hummus was perfect for my taste. i really enjoyed the garlic-flavor. it was perfectly potent.
more salsa and rice. i really and truly enjoy this combination and look forward to having it more frequently during the summer with my parents homemade salsa. as you can tell, i got a little carried away with the salsa because i love it so much.

i had oatmeal one morning and then decided to pile plain oatmeal that was uncooked on top of it. topped with a bit of maple syrup. this breakfast is divine.

i am happy to say i have finished up my box of white rice [go me!]. i would use cajun seasoning and liquid smoke to cook it and then soy vay soy sauce on top of that. sooooo yum. sorry the picture was terrible. :(