Saturday, November 26, 2011

mandarin oranges!
BBQ chickpeas.
thanksgiving salad! raw baby spinach, cranberries, onion, carrot, && walnut w. poppy seed or balsamic dressing.

thanksgiving main dish: spinach salad (as pictured above!) and yellow curry w. brown basmati rice. so delicious!

banana, PB, tortilla wrap!

microwaved for a sec && folded.

sunshine burger w. cilantro, pickles, and ketchup.

i've been enjoying your thanksgiving posts!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

some pretty excellent food choices

newman-o's compliments of big lots.

so delicious crumbled over some banana ice cream.

a homemade version of broccoli && peanut with tofu from thai pavillion. made this for my friend and i before we saw a local band play.

i made the peanut sauce w. flaxmilk, peanut butter , lime juice, soy sauce, some garlic salt, and cayenne pepper. it was really great & i want to make it again very soon.

made a BBQ chicken wrap w. a boca chikin patty. delicious.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

lots of food.

BBQ jackfruit w. mushroom, onion, && pickle in a whole wheat wrap.

tofu scramble. frozen && thawed tofu marinated w. mustard and liquid smoke. i have yet to find black salt which is supposed to give it an 'egg' flavor.

more pad thai from thai pavillion. obsessed? maybe.

BBQ jackfruit salad.


wayyy too much tempeh on that salad right? what was i thinking? must've been extra hungry.

tempeh w. sauteed onion, bok choy, and some cilantro.

BBQ jackfruit. huge open faced sandwich.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


poached apples in wine [from vegan italiano].

i drank the leftover wine...not sure if you're supposed to, but hey! the cinnamon stick just works so well...delicious!

this is what i ate allllll of last week. i'm seriously talking everyday here. it should have some sort of bean--chickpea? next time for sure.

this pad thai [w/o egg] is from a lunch date at our local thai pavillion. everytime i eat there, i love it more and more. this leftover box does not do it justice (most leftover boxes don't). the portion was HUGE.

i keep making cookies when i don't want to do homework. luckily, the flour is now G O N E. so no more! made banana soft serve w. two bananas && some rice milk on top of crumbled cookies.

now i have a stomach ache.