Wednesday, May 23, 2012

homemade coconut butter

I tried my hand at making coconut butter. It was not as great as the package I bought previously, but it will do.

Here I made a breakfast tortilla with coconut butter and strawberries.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

summer means veggies!

A gala apple from TJ's with raw almond butter. This is also iced coffee that I was drinking copious amounts of at the  time. 

Lo mein noodles, broccoli, and garden radishes.  

With peanut sauce! 

Summer means more fresh fruit and veggies!! Smoky black beans with some dried cilantro and garlic powder. 

I bought edamame. I haven't had it for awhile and still lovvvve it.

More veggies with hummus and pita chips. I actually dropped the plate which is why the hummus is smeared all over it. I have been incredibly clumsy lately.

I had my Dad plant spinach this year! I sauteed it with garlic and garden onion. And added a side of steamed asparagus. I needed more greens in my life after eating a lot of cake that day.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

some belated posting

I've taken to dipping my popcorn into tomato sauce...pretty delicious I must say.

Steamed cauliflower. 

Steamed  cauliflower in a tomato/coconut sauce.

This was an impulse buy which will never happen again. I also purchased the mango flavor. Too sugary and not tasty. 

Cocoa powder, banana, almond milk, caramel extract, and a dash of pear juice. 

Giant salad with cucumbers, spinach, cabbage, and  red wine vinaigrette. 

My first attempt at gluten free baking...these cookies were delicious. I just threw together ingredients. Here they are crumbled and combined with some almond milk.

Another impulse buy...these were reminiscent of Doritos for me. I ate many, many of them just as I used to do with Doritos. I'd probably buy them again.

This is a simple concoction of lo mein noodles, water, soy sauce, and a pre-mixed southwest seasoning. Quick and delicious even if not aesthetically pleasing.