Saturday, January 30, 2010

i have to ask

am i addicted to cinnamon life cereal???????????

i opened the box on wednesday or thursday and that's all i want to eat lately. like today, for example, i ate at least 3 handfuls of it while sitting around. that is NOT okay with me.

other than that, i ate lentil soup from the can last night and this afternoon. it was the target brand, i think it's called market pantry. i would picture it but i ate it and threw away the can before thinking about it.

i am planning on eating amy's organic black bean soup for supper...only if i quit eating that stupid cereal.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

some ramen

so, today is the first day i've eaten something besides pb&j. that damn wrist.

i have been drinking a lot of tomato juice as of has been tasting so delicious and i'm not sure why. i also just bought cranberry raspberry juice even though i try to stay away from juice b/c of the sugar.

anyway. here are the ramen noodles i made this evening. i don't use the packets they give b/c they all contain either milk or eggs--except for a very specific brand of chili which i used to buy at cvs, but don't go in there anymore so...thus..i improvise. i have my own cajun seasoning. i just pop a couple of tablespoons of that in it before cooking. YUM. i could eat it everyday.

so much TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ignore that bottle of 1800 tequilia reserva--that's long been diminished :) hehehe]

on a side note, i'm am going to begin writing for a webzine of sorts. it's focused on champaign/urbana [illinois] as that is where i attend school. anyway, i am writing a biweekly column on specific vegan dishes in the area [few and far between for something specifically vegan]. but there are some places and others that are easily vegan-izable. i'm so excited. but i can't think of a name for the column....any ideas?!

Friday, January 22, 2010

a post on amy's organic refried beans

i had them over thanksgiving break and i honestly feel that i could give up anything and everything just to eat those amazing refried beans every meal of my life. i was beyond impressed.

i have now been eating her black bean soup [not the same, but still delicious].

i have been eating progresso lentil soups, amy's organic black bean soups, tomato soup, and hormel vegetarian chili...why all the canned goods you ask??? b/c of of this stupid broken wrist. i am barely able to open a can that is not pull-top.

don't worry, i'll make it though! :)

until then it's going to be a lot of rice, pasta products, and easily openable foods.

also, oranges are so good.

and i have been drinking tea like crazy. celestial seasonings sleepytime tea is my new best friend. along with stash double spice chai black tea and earl grey. yummmm.

okay, enough of this.

some x-mas break eats

my mom and i ordered pizza hut one day. this was the first time i had ordered a vegan pizza from pizza hut since going vegan almost 2 years ago. i think next time i need to get the veggie lovers pizza and emphasize extra sauce even more than i already did. i'm just happy to have been able to eat an already made pizza for once.i made homemade spaghetti sauce, but as per usual, the second time i made it=not as good. i'll go ahead and blame it on my poor chopping abilities because of this stupid broken wrist. anyway...the sauce had sauvignon blanc in it--i recommend something a little more tangy like chardonnay in cooking. it has red bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and garlic with garlic powder, onion powder, and italian seasoning. unfortunately, those delicious looking breadsticks had butter on them even though my mom offered to make them with olive oil mom made a birthday cake for my dad, but she said it was also a get well cake for me. my dad never ate any of it saying that he didn't really like this cake that my mom makes [wacky cake!]. but i happily ate half of it. i would say it helped me get start to get well! [THANKS MOM!!!]
finally, i made hummus--with red bell pepper and broccoli. unfortunately, the broccoli made it taste funny the next time i went to eat it so i left it for my mom.

all of this typing is making my hand tired and irritated. starting school with a broken wrist is challenging let me tell you!!!!!!

but it also spices things up a little and will make me exceptionally grateful when i have full use of it once again.

maybe when it's healed i'll stop eating foods that are less than my sloppily spread pb&j this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

im afraid i will be taking a short hiatus. i recently broke my right wrist pretty badly and had surgery on it the other day. hopefully my recovery time will be short seeing as my typing skills are currently limited to hen-pecking...and school begins again on monday...

hope your 2010 is going splendidly!

i experimented with phyllo dough for the first time. i really enjoyed using it but my technique needs to be perfected.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

more of the saaaame

i've been eating massive amounts of salad and pizza. i made beer bread yesterday. while it could use a little perfecting, it was still delicious! of course, i used a can of PBR!!!!!!!!!!! yum. my absolute favorite. [besides blue moon w. an orange slice...hehe!] the salad is your usual...boring looking, yummy tasting. i've eaten it twice today one with just mushrooms on top and the other with pecans too. the pizza was reminiscent of the other day's BBQ except with tomato sauce this time.

Friday, January 1, 2010

new year's day.

watching goodfellas and ordered chinese food with my mom. SO DELICIOUS. great way to begin the new year.

my cat thought she was me...trying to get in on the yummy goodness...

happy 2010!!!

lots of SALAD.

x-mas gifts that i am joyous about

pumpkin butter from our local orchard.
thought i would try this coffee although i've given up drinking it for the time being.
i haven't ever used liquid smoke so i look forward to these.
i love this tea. it is so strong and delicious!
this salad dressing is vegan [despite being labeled creamy which usually means milk]. it was absolutely delightful. i finished it in about 4 servings rather than the 12 it designated though.