Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i am back!

last semester was brutal--especially in its ending so i have not posted for much too long!

the brutality of last semester and a trip to NOLA following its ending required me to take some time to regroup and prepare for this last (hopefully) semester of grad school. i have fortunately been granted an underload so that my only focus is finishing this thesis and doing research for one professor while being a T.A. for another professor. not so bad when i am not required to go to classes.

salad w. trader joe's vegetable masala burger crumbled overtop.

more salad w. delicious chickpeas and cauliflower.

salad...black olives were placed over top. red cabbage is really great, it adds a bit of crunch!

homemade pad thai. it looks disgusting but tasted delicious.

 dessert!! i have not had vanilla (plain) ice cream since i have been vegan. i got the trader joe's variety and added some cookies and chocolate syrup over it. i decided to go all out on this one. it was incredible.

homemade soup i threw together when i was home for x-mas: potato, onion, mushroom, corn, oregano, seasoning salt, minced garlic, and jalepeno/herb mix. tasty.

and lastly, a few photos from my trip to new orleans in dcember. we went as part of a group on campus called Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS). we worked in a food bank while we were there. it was one of the most incredible trips i have ever taken. i am also very tempted to move to NOLA after i graduate. we shall see in may!