Saturday, December 26, 2009

x-mas come&&passed

i felt awful b/c the falafel i made last week didn't get eaten and my mom decided to make an executive decision and throw it in the trash when i wanted to give it to nature. :( :(

i have been eating random items as of late. made some guacamole in my NEW FOOD PROCESSOR. i need to name it still, but i will let you know immediately when i do.

i stir-fried leftover veggies today in white wine. made some rice with lime and cilantro, and a side of guacmole. very reminiscent of chipotle. YUM.

christmas was great. we spent it at my aunt and uncle's. i ate a pickle sandwich (much more delicious than it sounds) and vegetarian baked beans with molasses that my aunt made. they were divine. some veggies, chips, crackers were involved too.

here's my lunch from today::

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