Saturday, March 13, 2010


i haven't been eating much of anything lately. at least not much of anything interesting. i have been consuming copious amounts of orange. last weekend i was feeling pretty ill (the peak of my 4 week illness), so i consumed 2 half-gallon containers of orange juice as well as a variety of individual oranges. i love them. i actually had about 4 of them the other day--within a 5 hr time period. it was crazy.

otherwise, i had some tomato soup. i did have some ramen flavored with my own cajun seasoning as well as some liquid smoke. they tasted diviiiiiiine.

also, here are some sneak peaks of my review for this week. it was for a place on campus called bombay indian grill. i will tell you that i am a huge fan of curry--i ate stir-fried veggies in curry sauce for practically all of last summer. so, what i'm getting at is that i LOOVED this meal. LOVED IT. this is the vegetable jalfrezi.

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The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Eating four oranges in a five hour time period doesn't sound crazy to me at all. I was always sick in college, make sure you don't have mono!