Friday, November 12, 2010

oh! heyyy!

this is my latest concoction. it is pumpkin, spices, and banana in the food processor. that's all! andd it was so great. i call it pudding, but it was more like yogurt.

i made a vegan cake for my theory class. it was my friend erica's birthday. we always talk about vegan food, etc. so it was a perfect opportunity [and excuse] to make it. my other friend then used the recipe for a bake sale...yayyy! i love recipe sharing.

of course, the delicious and comforting candy bar. this was my 1stttt vegan candy bar. and it was needed so badly after a poor score on an exam. thanks for bein' there jokerz.

i have no time for anything since grad school has begun. it is hard to give up 'me' time and friend time and fun time. but it is a great level of learning that i would not like to give up. and so, even though i have been so stressed and have no time to upload photos of the QUICK and EASY foods i am eating, i am going to stick it out. [i hope]

this is just a veggie hot dog w. some pickle relish [okay, lots of relish b/c i lovvvvve it]

oatmeal w. my mom's homemade applesauce...SO GOOD.

sorry for the saaaaaaad pic, but this is some butternut (?) squash. all i know is that it was delicious.

sadly, i can't even remember the days i was eating these. hmm...must've been back in october. where did these months go?! anyway, there is pumpernickel bread toasted w. spinach, mushroom and black bean/corn salsa from target. so, so simple &&yummy.

ate half of this in one day. and i am almost continuously craving it. after this ran out there was tofutti cuties sandwich thingers. grad school=a continuous need for a reward b/c you have made it through another day.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

This post makes me glad I didn't go to grad school. The pumpkin/banana concoction sounds verrrry interesting!

Carissa said...

I would love to try that pumpkin pudding!