Thursday, March 17, 2011

foodsies from someone thoughtful

my incredibly thoughtful boyfriend has been buying me so many delicious foodsies when he goes to whole foods. i think i've gained so many lbs. but the food is beyond delicious.

this was my favorite hilary's cookie so far. he also got a chocolate chip one and below a cranberry oatmeal. mmmm! hilary knows what's up.

these pictures aren't very good b/c i took them with my phone in bad lighting. [sorry!] but seriously, the cookie was like a cookie on the outside but on the inside, it had a brownie-like consistency. incredible.

cranberry oatmeal cookie && sweet and sara s'mores!

roasted red pepper hummus--best hummus EVER. well, this and trader joe's garlic hummus could be a tie. those pita chips were delicious as well.

vegan pizza from whole foods! it was interesting (i have never had daiya cheese before). i don't usually dabble in fake cheese and so i prefer pizza w. no cheese and just sauce. but, it was awesome to try it. :)


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper. My local Whole Foods doesn't have Hilary's Cookies or Vegan Pizza, but if they did, I would want someone to scarf them up for me.

kimberly said...

he is a keeper!! in more ways than just that. :) :)