Tuesday, June 5, 2012

not so recent eats

I have been MIA!!!!!!!!! Within this time, I have graduated (technically--thesis defense is set for June 20th!),  went to a music festival and camping, impulsively ran away to St. Louis, MO for an exceptionally beautiful extended weekend with someone I love, and started a summer research job. Crazy stuff, huh?  Summer 2012 has begun on an excellent note. This post is filled with items I was eating before these events in my life. They shall be shared nonetheless!

 A radish burrito! Spinach tortilla, TJ's hummus, and garden radishes. Gotta get my Dad to do a guest post about his garden one of these days!

 Take-out Chinese food. Mixed veggies in garlic sauce. Wish they had brown rice!

Abita Strawberry beer. I fell in love with Abita Purple Haze when I was in New Orleans. This is just as delicious! 

 Tofu scramble with smoky black beans and orange and yellow peppers. Excellent.

Drank the rest of my "graduation" wine (Wine I bought 2 years ago to save for when I graduate) with saltines and roasted red pepper hummus with a cucumber on top. 

Tastes really great.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Not one of your better posts. A Radish Buritto?! I wanna hear more about the boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

oooh radish burrito! interesting....i'll have to give it a try! thanks for sharing!

Miss Rachel said...

Congratulations on graduating! Isn't it a great feeling?!

I think radish season has arrived. I bought a nice bunch of radish last week and you know I love those yellow and orange peppers.

It would definitely be great to have a guest post from your father on the garden. I had my sweetie do a couple guest posts about things he cooked. Family guest posts are fun.

Good luck on your thesis defense!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on such a successful summer! I love the running away with someone you love part. What could be more romantic? I’m not sure I am going to jump on the radish wrap band wagon just yet but everything else sounds yummy.

from Backy @PhD by Publication

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