Friday, January 22, 2010

a post on amy's organic refried beans

i had them over thanksgiving break and i honestly feel that i could give up anything and everything just to eat those amazing refried beans every meal of my life. i was beyond impressed.

i have now been eating her black bean soup [not the same, but still delicious].

i have been eating progresso lentil soups, amy's organic black bean soups, tomato soup, and hormel vegetarian chili...why all the canned goods you ask??? b/c of of this stupid broken wrist. i am barely able to open a can that is not pull-top.

don't worry, i'll make it though! :)

until then it's going to be a lot of rice, pasta products, and easily openable foods.

also, oranges are so good.

and i have been drinking tea like crazy. celestial seasonings sleepytime tea is my new best friend. along with stash double spice chai black tea and earl grey. yummmm.

okay, enough of this.

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I'm Philippa O said...

i just posted about the amy's burrito i ate recently. it was a big deal because we don't get that brand in australia and i was overseas when i found it