Tuesday, January 26, 2010

some ramen

so, today is the first day i've eaten something besides pb&j. that damn wrist.

i have been drinking a lot of tomato juice as of late...it has been tasting so delicious and i'm not sure why. i also just bought cranberry raspberry juice even though i try to stay away from juice b/c of the sugar.

anyway. here are the ramen noodles i made this evening. i don't use the packets they give b/c they all contain either milk or eggs--except for a very specific brand of chili which i used to buy at cvs, but don't go in there anymore so...thus..i improvise. i have my own cajun seasoning. i just pop a couple of tablespoons of that in it before cooking. YUM. i could eat it everyday.

so much TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ignore that bottle of 1800 tequilia reserva--that's long been diminished :) hehehe]

on a side note, i'm am going to begin writing for a webzine of sorts. it's focused on champaign/urbana [illinois] as that is where i attend school. anyway, i am writing a biweekly column on specific vegan dishes in the area [few and far between for something specifically vegan]. but there are some places and others that are easily vegan-izable. i'm so excited. but i can't think of a name for the column....any ideas?!

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Health and Happiness said...

How fun that you're going to be published! That's definitely a goal of mine... Loving your tea table! The Stash Chai Tea is definitely always in my pantry!