Sunday, February 20, 2011

extra long catch-up post!

rice && spinach...later topped with homemade salsa--this will be a theme in this post so i apologize now!

i made a medium sized && this giant was my valentine's day treat to myself...and for someone else :) :) i don't buy into the 'holiday' but i do use it as an excuse for treats!

even though you may not believe me b/c of the prior and then latter next few pictures...i've been eating a bit healthier [at least last week].

this little ditty is a recent creation of mine: it was two animal crackers fused together. topped it w. pb and some ghiradelli dark chocolate [twilight delight..yeahhhhh!] it reminded mme of a smore for some reason.

another fridge shot...those boozies help me get through entire days of statistics--i recognize and understand the meaning of relaxing w. a beer. don't worry, i won't make it habit.

many rice combos have shown up these past weeks. quick&&easy. this is rice w. homemade salsa.

pumpkernickel w. homemade salsa!

i'm obsessed w. pumpernickel && spicy pickles. ideally, i would have put some spinach or other goodies on this, but i have been limited on time && thus groceries.

my first amy's was delicious!

half of these i don't even remember when i ate. this is corn, rice, and homemade salsa mixed together.

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The Shenandoah Vegan said...

That fridge is so clean, I can't stand it. Something needs to leak or become furry in there stat!

Also, that Pickle Sandwich -- I'm still trying to comprehend.

So who is this cookie-sharing Valentine??????