Friday, February 4, 2011

i survived the blizzzzzard

the blizzard was ridiculous here in IL. i just got my car unburied today.

the following are the remainder of lemon poppy seed cupcakes with a maple glaze. i made the cupcakes for a bake sale my colleagues had; it was to fund their trip to san antonio for a conference. this wasn't too bad i suppose b/c i ate it in about one day.

over the blizzard days, i ate a 1lb bag of animal crackers. those little devils have high fructose corn syrup in them && that is why i blame them for fostering addiction.

of course, i had to eat some w. peanut butter...

the tomato soup i ate frequently last year also made an appearance. i ate a 3.5 serving can in a matter of hours. those blizzards! i had nothing else to do so i ate && ate && ate.

today, i decided to finish the last PBR with some homemade chilli && a mound of nutritional yeast. i was so satisfied after this meal. you have no idea.

i had some leftover mushroom spaghetti sauce && i ate that w. some rice && corn. it was delicious!

i also ate at chipotle yesterday && it was delicious as always.


Carissa said...

I never knew those animal crackers were vegan! Good to know! I eat so much when it's snowy too!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Animal Crackers and PBR?! I predict big things for you upon graduation.