Saturday, February 13, 2010

a few odds&ends

i have been eating very random foods because i'm attempting to diminish my stash of food. then, i can eat fresh fruit and vegetables when the weather warms just a bit more. i also do not feel like lugging all of my goods back home when the school year is over. see, i'm thinking wayyy ahead.

i finished the bag of soy nuts i've been working on for the entire year. i just can't get into this kind--you suck farm&fleet. [sorrrrry the picture is terrible]

earlier this week consisted of a TON of hormel chili. for some reason that was all that sounded edible come lunch/dinner time.

alas, i had MORE tomato soup---4 little cans to finish up. and i had an absurd amount of popcorn. i accidently made a humongous batch so i snacked on that for about a day and a half. thursdays, i don't have class and so i like to make it for lunch and eat it throughout the whole day while i'm reading for class/writing papers. it's a nice little treat i must say.

i also made up these little baggies of oatmeal [instant, uncooked] and coconut flakes. they are so simple, yet one of the most delicious! i think i'll take it for days when i have class and nothing for lunch. perfecto!

and lastly, the rice noodles needed to be finished so i cooked those and doused them in soy vay teryaki flavor soy sauce.

i'll leave you with that. i am seconds from leaving to visit a mexican restaurant named fiesta cafe--i will be writing my next article for my vegan column on this establishment.

look for pictures and the link sooooon!

also, i hope you all have a fabulous[!] valentine's day. i think i might make some oatmeal cinnamon bread or some peanut butter cookies tomorrow to go along with my date----my date being>>>>::::andre spumante champagne. [cheap, but delicious and very pleasant company!]


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Too funny! I used to drink the andre champagne in college too! I also used to drink something called 'cold duck'. Wonder if they still make that?

kimberly said...

i lovvve andre! :)

and i should definitely check out cold duck if they still make it! i'll have to find out.