Sunday, February 21, 2010

a love letter to liquid smoke

i am absolutely amazed at liquid smoke. it is glorious! i am such a fan of the smokey flavor that it provides and it has become an addiction for me. i want to put it in every single thing i make. i feel craZy.

i made baked beans the other night. i contemplated baking them, but ended up just heating them on the stove top. i put a couple pinches [actually too many pinches] of brown sugar and then added the mesquite liquid smoke. oh so delicious!

last night, i made chili. i used WAY too much liquid smoke in that. it was a bit salty. but smokey and spicy which are two perfectly delightful flavors for chili. i made it for some non-vegan friends...hope they liked it....

i couldn't stop eating it regardless of its slightly salty taste.

also, on the menu today was sugar free rockstar [disgusting might i add?]. i thought it would help motivate me to get all the school work i needed to do this week finished. not so much even if i did get some important work out of the way...

regardless, liquid smoke...i need to stay away from youuuuuuu b/c you make everything much too delightful.

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