Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a few quick treats

gala apples w. pumpkin butter [the edward's orchard kind]. i happily finished the last of the pumpkin butter from the farmer's market. it just didn't compare to the kind from our local apple orchard in poplar grove.

this little concoction was made on accident really. i used too much garlic and cilantro in the guac i was making so i had to add more ingredients for a nice balance. i opted for a corn, black bean mix which did the trick wonderfully. i also added about a quarter of a jar of salsa, and quite a bit of sweet baby ray's bbq sauce.

the result was delectable. i pretty much ate all of it in one sitting.

as i'm sure i've mentioned earlier, i have been accompanying my parents to garage sales. this takes up about 6-7 hours of my day b/c they are very hardcore. i brought along this sandwich of pumpkin butter && bananas. i love the way the bananas look nestled in there. i grill it when i'm at home which makes it even better!

we got a fresh pineapple [several actually] and i decided to make my own little popsicles. not as good as edy's fruit pops, but the pineapple accompanied the 7up flavor quite well.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Another great looking sandwich. I love garage sales, but never go to them cuz I sleep late on the weekends and figure the 'early birds' get all the goodies.

kimberly said...

it is true that the early birds get the good stuff. my parents stress this to me as they are 'professional' garage sale-ers.