Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sweet summertime

i got this rack/shelf thinger at a garage sale last summer and was using it for a bookshelf. however, with the new apt next semester, i thought i'd try it out as a spice rack. i'm not sure where i'll be able to put it, but it works much better than the cabinet for housing spices.

this summer, i've been eating an absurd amount of salad [and asparagus and eventually bell peppers]. however, there is something so satisfying about going to the garden, picking out my food and then preparing it. there is something so incredibly real about knowing exactly where your food is coming from. and it is refreshing. and so you will see a lot of salad--numerous ones despite the many that i haven't taken photos of.

this one has pineapple, cilantro [3 HUGE bundles at fiesta market for $1], onion, oregano [from my little window sill plant], dill, thyme, radish, and mushroom. it's topped off with white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegarette. simple, yet great as dressing.

i got to craving some chocolate or something sweet and i was trying to think of something that wasn't terrible for me, but still delicious. i remembered seeing hershey's syrup on the list of vegan items that peta's website contains. so, i piled some pretzels and a banana on a plate and topped it with a drizzle of the stuff. it was completely satisfying and incredibly delicious.

this lovely bag of puffed red wheat has been an extremely pleasant discovery. this entire bag cost a dollar, 1 c. equals 70 calories and there is no sugar in it. i whip it up with a little soy milk, banana, and about a Tbsp of pumpkin butter. it crackles like rice crispies which i think is great!

my mom&&dad worked a flea market over the weekend and so i went to keep my mom company and help out. i decided to make some guacamole with the two remaining avocados i had sitting on the counter. it was fabulous. i put garlic, garden onion, garden lettuce, and cilantro in the food processor. i mashed up the avocado and added some olive oil and lemon juice. then combined them and topped it with some cayenne pepper.

then i made a little sandwich for myself.

i found this teapot at a garage sale the other day && had to buy it. i'm planning a tea party for my best friend's little daughter and this will be excellent especially with the dishes i already have.

what's your favorite thing about summer??


Anonymous said...

That rack looks like a gem, imagine the charm a little paint could do! Nice find! :) I also crave lots of summer and veggies in the summer, cuts down on cooking time but ups the prep! :) I love the fresh berries this season though!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

What a positive summer you are having! I admire your ability to find joy in all the simple things.