Sunday, January 30, 2011

it's gonna be a rough semester...let's focus on the FOOD!

spinach salad:: took this to go when i had to work in the lab on statistics homework for 12 HOURS. that was the first assignment and if it's any indication of the remainder of the semester, i do not know how i am going to do it.

i've been obsessed w. darjeeling tea lately!

my newest creation: banana "ice cream." it is the [very popular] frozen banana placed in the food processor w. some soymilk and chocolate syrup. then, i mix in some crushed peppermints and freeze it. when it comes out, the texture is like peppermint ice cream (you know, the x-mas time candy cane stuff ??). this is delicious. sorry for the terrible photo though.

this is after it's been frozen--has the grainy texture...yummmm. you can see the small piece of banana that didn't get ground up...ughh.

breakfast: a banana, some puffed red wheat

what happens when i get chocolate cravings?? i go overboard. this is melted semi-sweet chocolate chips mixed w. melted crunchy peanut butter, and stirred in oatmeal.

then, i pressed it into a small pan and let it set in the fridge. then, i devoured it.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Wonder what the statistics are of grad students versus non-grad students gorging on chocolate/pb/oatmeal bars?

Carissa said...

You are doing such an awesome job eating well while in college :) I love darjeeling too. I like saying the word, darjeeeeeeeling.

Kaushal said...

So many Darjeeling lovers in once place. Glad to know that and love your food creations :)