Friday, May 13, 2011

months worth...

my mom found this multi-grain pita chips w. flaxseed in them. they are so good! and relatively little fat and cals [110 cals; 4 g fat for 11 chips]. they are soooo good! she found them at menard's which i think is funny.

gotta get my rice cake fix...w. a dip of syrup of course. i think these were a part of some stress eating that was going on quite frequently this semester.

used up leftover tomato sauce...drizzled a little olive oil && garlic powder over the toasted bread...

not the most appealing picture in the world...but i LOVE rice noodles. they are wonderful and so cheap and delicious. plus, they don't give me that heavy feeling like regular pasta does.

rice && corn...i didn't have time to go to the store and i had a 4lb bag...what's a girl to do?! there's a little soy sauce && some of my parent's homemade salsa in there too.