Saturday, June 18, 2011

still summer...

stock salad here w. garden lettuce & onion, baby carrrots && trader joe's garlic hummus (MMM!)

the above mentioned hummus...
mushrooms w. hummus

almond butter! i have never tried it && have yet to use it. i can't wait! i usually just use pumpkin butter b/c it's delicious.

garden salad w. sunflower seeds.

green tea w. a banana && PB.

made dinner for my boyfriend the other night. this was lasagna [looks pretty sorry here] w. smoky black beans && corn, mushroom and spinach. the salad contains mushroom, onion, and carrot even though you can't seem them. also, the wine is from trader joe's...i reallllllly liked it and i am definitely going to stock up the next time i am there.

also, he made me dinner the other night and it was delicious! rice and black beans w. red bell pepper, onion, and some spicy pepper. we topped it with guac. later, we made homemade tortilla chips w. the corn shells. and then, we had a lovely little walk. unfortunately, i didn't have my camera and didn't take a picture on my phone b/c it tasted so delicious that i was distracted. just wanted to give him some cred for the meal. ;)

more tea && banana w. PB. perhaps, a consistent summer breakfast?? we shall see.

one of my grad school friends got married last weekend and i had some time to kill before the reception. i stopped at whole foods && picked up a few things. this was one of them. i think it could probably be safe to say that this is my favorite kind of hummus [a BOLD statement]. it's definitely a tie b/t this && trader joe's garlic.

i forgot how much i like the taste of hummus && cucumbers. this was the first from my dad's garden && it was sort of small. i ate all of it and want more soon. last year, i ate cucumbers like it was my job. they are great.

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The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Kudos to Dad for growing Cukes. I've never attempted it due to threat of cut worms. Seems like boyfriend being back has restored equilibrium. Post register online.