Monday, June 13, 2011

all i've been doing lately is eating

cornbread w. the recipe from post punk kitchen. i added 1 tsp of vanilla and i used coconut milk rather than soy.

i really like this b/c it is so dense and decadent. i tried to get a picture of it sliced, but it isn't very good.

some black beans and corn cooked in a pan w. some liquid smoke. the beans get all soft and smoky---SO GOOD.

tofu scramble!! i love the texture of tofu after it has been frozen and thawed and marinated in mustard, garlic, and liquid smoke. so, so good.


strawberries not looking so pretty in chocolate syrup.

oyster crackers w. dill && garlic powder and just a touch of oil. oh, then i microwaved them a little to warm them. you're supposed to put them in the oven on low and bake them. whatever, i'm lazy.

pink lemonade powder, fresh lime juice, green tea [perhaps the tea was omitted for this one b/c it looks too clear] && club soda

frozen pumpkin put in the food processor w. 1 tsp PB, chocolate syrup and soymilk. yeah, guess who bought more PB and can't stop eating it again??

the last of the frozen banana w. the same ingredients above [instead of pumpkin].

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The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hmmm...this is some unusual eating. Banana PB Shake looks rather debauched.