Saturday, October 22, 2011

october, october

this is what my fridge looked like after comps were over... i'm kind of surprised there is so much booze left...
this is the pizza i consumed x3 after finishing comprehensive exams. i had been craving it the entire week. it was just as wonderful as i had imagined even though it isn't very pretty. OH! and i found out i passed!!!!!!!!! i got a low pass in methods which i expected, but i got a high pass with distinction in theory! and they said that it was one of the best exams the committee had ever read. what a relief to be finished!! now, it's thesis concentration time!

i've been obsessed w. making things curried lately. here is a baked & mashed potato with curry powder, tumeric, seasoning salt, and paprika. it's mushroom gravy from campbell's i believe. it was a lot better than this picture alludes. i promise!

continuing on the curry streak--this is coconut curry w. the same spices as above.


this is a result of a big lots trip. check out the whole wheat gnocchi!! yeauuuh! i have a sauce i want to make for this--it's ground cumin, a touch of ginger and coconut milk. it tastes just lie alfredo sauce.

our local apple orchard sells these babies now. they are so delicious! and they even say vegan on them which is always my favorite thing.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Told ya so! Told ya so!

You think I'd post of someone's blog who couldn't even pass their comprehensive exams? A Big Lots Shopper who can't pass their comprehensive exams?! Not happening. Was in the bag all along! (k. Now don't buy anymore of that Aunt Penny's crap. That sh*t's for losers. Totally. I know.).

kimberly said...

Shen! you have so much faith in meeee!

Yeah, that Aunt Penny's stuff was terrible!!!!! I was so disappointed.ui