Tuesday, October 11, 2011

birthday && lots of stress eating!!

i had a birthday in mid-September and so my lovely friends came to celebrate w. me in DK. my friend maggie whom i've known since she was 0 (i was 8mos when i visited her after she was born) and my friend julia and her little daughter came to celebrate. also, my wonderful friends from the grad program helped me celebrate as well. maggie made me these incredibly delicious chocolate cupcakes w. oreo frosting (YUM?!). my brother had one later and asked if they were really vegan. he devoured them.
my parents && one brother came to take me to dinner && for cake. it was a lovely way to spend the day.
one of my favorite birthdays ever! some phone pics to commemorate....

the following photos are a result of major stress eating leading up to taking comprehensive exams:::

cookies w. some chocolate banana ice cream

banana ice cream

some pasta w. garlic && roasted red pepper tossed with some olive oil and nutritional yeast.

look at all that pasta!!!!!!!

this lovely pizza was a result of a visit to acquaviva winery. this place was so great && the photo in the take-home box simply does not do this place justice. so happy to have been introduced to this place! ;) we did a wine tasting && then had dinner--it was excellent.

kale, onion, and garlic sauteed--so great!

hey, look, i'm like a mini-Shen!! i've purchased two of these babies b/c they were only $12.99?! the store got a shipment of bottles that were larger than what they carry. i was skeptical of the apple flavor, but it was delightful.


Isobelle said...

Oh man, look at all that good food! Stress eating is so hard to control, but you get to eats lots of yummy things because of it at least!

The ice-cream looks so good, and the pizza. Love pizza!

Carissa said...

Heeeey, you are a mini Shen ;) I would love to try that Stoli Apple! Holy Cow! No drinking for me for a while though, since I will be breast feeding too...boooooooo! And your eating doesn't look THAT bad. Trust me, I had ravioli for dinner and then went to bed and had to get out of bed because I felt like I was starving and now I am up commenting on blogs and I am on my second peanut butter and raisin sandwich!

Carissa said...

aaaaand almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Looks like a rockin' bday celebration! And that Artichoke Pizza! Gorgeous!

$12.99 for Stoli?! You should've bought all the bottles the liquor store had. That's what a mini-Shen would do!