Tuesday, October 11, 2011

summer wrap-up

i know it's been awhile. there's been a lot going on && my busy-ness is not going to ease up anytime soon. i just finished comprehensive exams last saturday which were a major stress and source of my having little time. they weren't too bad, i will find out if i passed somewhere around the 21st!

anyway, this little smoothie was from a trip to IA where i visited my aunt && cousins. downtown cedar rapids has a great farmer's market. i'm talking massive && wonderful. this is a PB, banana && coconut smoothie. so delicious! it was like a milkshake.

peppers, tomatoes, onion, && potatoes. i season this with weber grill seasoning.

this is homemade salsa w. some red peppers from the above mentioned farmer's market.

two of the several dozens of ears from my dad's garden. so wonderful.

tomatoes from my dad's garden.

soooo much, so much.

stuffed peppers!!


Carissa said...

Wow your dad must have an amazing garden! How awesome!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

I guarantee you passed.

Next spring we need a guest post from your Dad on how to grow so much perfect produce. I can't get a single Tomato to adulthood without it getting split or eaten by critters.