Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i always find it interesting to come up with random meals when i'm trying to use up the food i've stored throughout the semester or even year. i had a can of black beans, some hashbrowns, and a little over a half onion left. i also had some soy vay teriakyi sauce leftover and that with liquid smoke was my ultimate recipe. it is so good. i know it looks quite gross in this picture, but i can assure you that i can't wait to get home to eat the rest of it. the BBQ flavor of liquid smoke mixed with the soy sauce and sesame seeds is just divine.
cucumbers have a fresh, spring taste to them, don't you think? i've been having those for lunch b/c of their perfect portability. also i like them for the way they taste sitting on a bench in the sun.
i've moved on from my oats with bananas to toast with bananas and pumpkin butter. i think i have to retract my statement about the oatmeal, banana, syrup being my absolute favorite. the pumpkin butter is from an orchard at home that i used to work for a year before high school and into high school. the place holds such great memories. not only that, but there's something truly delicious about the crunch of toast with the soft banana and pumpkin flavor.

this ugly little picture is a pre-made package of noodles and such. i wasn't feeling well last sunday and this seemed like a perfect little dinner.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

You need a witty post title. The beans and onions looked like apple pie at first sight.

kimberly said...

i know, i was at a complete loss for any sort of title. :(

and you're right, it does look like apple pie...which makes me want to make some when i'm finally home for the summer!!! haha.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Just say 'I Ate Good Today' like I always do when I can't think of a title.