Sunday, April 25, 2010

some days i feel like a genius. other days not so much.

last week, i realized i had some coconut milk still hanging out in the freezer. sooooo, i thought, how can i use this?! i wanted to make a smoothie, but had no bananas. and i have no flour or anything of that nature. SO! i put it on toast. with cinnamon and sugar. and it was absolutely divine. you see, my mom used to make us these little things called 'cigars' when we were sick back in the day. she'd spread a little butter on toast and then some cinnamon and sugar and cut the toast into long strips--hence the cigar name. actually, her mom used to do that for her too. [how special]

but anyway, the coconut milk gets slightly thicker after it's frozen, so it was great to put on toast. it sort of tasted like what i remember cream puffs to have tasted like. i'm not sure, but i certainly devoured all the slices i made over about a two-day period. oh yeah, i also used it with oatmeal too. oh yummmmm, i love coconut milk more than anything.

i still am trying to finish off those oats, so i had them with bananas and a little more than a pinch of brown sugar. perfecto!
i also had a 'spanish side' from those pre-packaged meals thingers. i had them a lot last spring so this must be some weird craving for them once again. i also need to use them up before moving which is becoming increasingly soon, so what the heck!

so, i never mentioned what i had at the ymca dinner and auction or luncheon.

at the auction/dinner i had the most delectable stuffed eggplant. i had never tried it before and so i am going to be making it a lot this summer [I LOVED IT]. it was stuffed with steamed carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. served over a bed of rice. YUM.

at the luncheon, they had wild rice [wasn't that great], but the steamed veggies [red/yellow peppers, carrots, broccoli, etc.] were great, they had a basic pasta with marinara sauce, but it had artichokes and mushrooms in it which were so, so great! and a fruit cup for dessert.

i could not have been happier!

well, one more week of class! time is flyinggggg.

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The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Really awesome discovery on the coconut milk.