Sunday, May 23, 2010

good eats&&great treats!

this is my latest bright idea: i have been wanting a rootbeer float for a few weeks now. and i wondered if i could substitue ice cream for my banana ice cream. AND I CAN!!!! you cannot believe how happy this made me. the diet A&W became all foamy and creamy with the addition of the banana ice cream. i have been eating these multiple times a day b/c they are so delicious. the banana flavor is so slight that it seems like i'm eating the floats my dad used to make us back in the day. what a great memory and what a wonderful alteration i made! i'm so happy about my discovery.
eating from my dad's garden is one of the best things about summer.we had lots of leftover veggies so i made curry. stir-fried radishes are really great, if you haven't ever tried them, you probably should!
also with the leftover veggies, i made stale bread soup. i put this in the freezer in order to have some time to finish everything else. it looks gross, but it tastes GREAT.
using the leftover fruit for flavoring my water is delicious! this is one of several.

this little tub of hummus was delicious with a spicy kick. and i am not embarrassed to admit that i ate the entire tub in one sitting.... with these fabulous chips i found on a shopping trip with my mom, aunt, and cousin. they are made of garbonzo beans and adul (i think that's what they are called) beans. they are so delicious and fulfill my quest to eat less fat. they have far fewer calories and fat compared with regular chips and they taste so great! i think i'm going to order them in bulk so i have a constant supply.

ever since the YMCA auction and dinner, i have been craving eggplant. mine were not as deliciouus as the ones prepared for me, but they were not bad. i want to make some babganoush sometime soon.

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The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Root Beer Floats are one of those great things in life. I'm so glad vegans can still enjoy them w/Vanilla Soy (or homemade Banana) Ice Cream. So phenomenal.