Tuesday, May 25, 2010

this life is so lovely

it must be a crime to enjoy summer so much. i am currently in my room listening to the brewing storm--thunder, lightning--all so close. normally, they are scary happenings for me, but today i find them incredibly romantic.

this is one bunch of the several i have been picking out of my dad's garden. i think asparagus has got to be my favorite.

this salad consists of radish, onion, and lettuce from my dad's garden. having these items readily available is so convenient and i am so grateful for that.

i wanted a variation of the salad i had yesterday [^^] so i made one with fruit. i have always enjoyed the alternating tastes of salty and sweet so this salad did the trick.
this is a variation of the salad. we have so much lettuce i don't want to go to waste so i decided to mix it up with this as a little snack.
my breakfasts have been amazing lately. below is cinnamon life with soy milk and bananas. i don't have soy milk very often and cereal barely ever. this is a nice treat.
i made pumpkin waffles for my mom yesterday. they have slivers of almond and shavings of chocolate on them. they weren't as good as when i make them with coconut milk. i find the flavor of vanilla extract, maple syrup and coconut cannot be beat. still, they are delightful.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Wow! All that Asparagus came from your Dad's garden? I usually get just one puny spear a year from mine. I don't even bother to eat it, I just look at it.

kimberly said...

yeah! and that's just a small bundle of asparagus...normally there is much more and we have to pick it every other day! i can't believe it!