Sunday, May 9, 2010

home is grand && these are the reasons why...

i have been trying to upload photos for the past 4 days, but the internet is extremely shady here so i finally succeeded today.

these are frozen mango and cherries. i 'snacked' on these the first night home--and by snacked i mean ate half of each bag.the coffee everyday is terrible for me, but it's honestly what i look forward to. the morning routine i have going is pretty blissful for me right now so i am going to go with it.
last friday, i apartment shopped all day. good news is that i got everything squared away and i had a delicious meal at thai pavillion. i am going to be frequenting that place many times next year. the actual dish looked much tastier than the leftovers.
this is asparagus from my dad's garden. it is covered in liquid smoke, onion and garlic powder, and garlic. i shouldn't have cooked the garlic, rather i should have added it afterwards as i normally do. still so great!
the glassware i am using was my great aunt's. it's from the depression era and is called---wait for it--depression glass. it's been sitting in my mom's china cabinet so i asked if i could use it. i thought it was pretty cool.

we grilled out for mother's day. my brother is an expert griller. i marinated the red peppers, onions, and asparagus in spicy dijon mustard, a bit of soy sauce, olive oil, and onion and garlic powder overnight. he grilled everything for about 10-15 minutes. it was so delicious! my mom really enjoyed the onions. :)

i've been in the mood for an icecream like treat so i've been making the frozen banana concocotion in the food processor quite a bit. i don't use the food processor as much as i thought i would. sorta wish i didn't get it, but i guess it's worth it for this:
this is a little drink i made. [non-alcoholic]. haha. it has diet 7up, a little bit of lime juice and water. so, bascially it is watered down diet 7up. but i like it...

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