Monday, October 19, 2009

and my weekend of food looked a little like this:::

while it may look like chili, it is actually stuffed pepper soup...but it does taste like chili. and those are breadsticks. they are frozen garlic ones and i just put olive oil and garlic powder and a bit of salt on them. they are HEAVENLY. i ate 6 of them throughout the day on saturday.

i need to start finishing what i have in the freezer before making new things. but, cooking for one sucks since i always have leftovers. i end up eating the same thing for 3 days in a row--at least i kind of like doing that sometimes.

i decided to grill out on sunday. how exciting! i was scared of the fire actually and would never have gotten it started without my roommate's help. i only like grilling out with someone else. doing it by yourself is no fun.

i also made some more BBQ tofu stir fry. i'm sick of stir fried tofu for a long while.

and! i splurged at the store and bought some ice cream. i don't really like spending money on pretend vegan foods because i like making my own version of it better than trying to imitate food i used to eat. but, since my test was today, my wonderful mom told me to get it. :D i love her.


I'm Philippa O said...

we don't get rice dream here, or that coconut based one. so sad!

Anonymous said...

You should purchase Larry and Lunas coconut bliss ice cream!!!

Best ice cream ever-->