Friday, October 23, 2009


this is a totally random post of foods from this week...when aren't my posts random though...really. also, i just wrote an article about veganism for the environmental magazine that i am president/editor for:::check it out! and PLEASE check out our website too!

and now the foooood

first up is this tofu, bean, rice noodle stir fry in BBQ sauce. not exciting. and i ended up scraping out the tofu b/c i'm so TIRED of the way i cook it.

next, a salad using up the rest of the ingredients from falafel night...i used lemon&&lime juice and olive oil for dressing w. oregano seasoning.

and lastly, this is a variation of bruschetta, i [lazily] toasted the bread, put sliced pickles, tomatoes, and onion on it. oregano on top and olive oil drizzled on top. a lot more delicious than you might imagine. i promise.
i had tofu pad thai for lunch today. i ate at the YMCA here on campus. the above mentioned magazine is a YMCA program and as president, i was invited to sit at the head table for an environmental lecture today. they provided lunch for us from the thai eatery located in the Y. i was impressed with the food, but sadly no pictures. i'm going to have to eat there during the week sometime.

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