Saturday, November 28, 2009

my mom lovvves to go out to eat when i am home. we went to chipotle one day. i had the vegetarian burrito bowl. my goodness, it is delicious! i want to eat it every single day of my life. these pictures are terrible, but trust me on this one. it was soooooo good.
we also ate at a mexican bar&grill that just opened in pg. they own a grocery store as well [a big thing for small town pg, let me tell you!] arturo also catered my friend julia's wedding this past summer. delicious food! i had a guacamole tostado. sooooo delicious. as was the pico de gallo. yummm!

and finally, we ate at chili's. i've been severely disappointed in chili's. after finding out there are eggs in their black bean burgers and them taking away the southwest veggie soup. but, i decided to make do and had their chicken quesadilla, but with a substitution of portabellos instead of chicken. and i replaced the cheese and sour cream with guacamole. so yummy! i think i gained 500lbs over this break.

before i left for home, i made progresso lentil soup--those are crushed crackers on the top. i also had progresso tomato basil, but ate it so quickly i think i made myself half-sick. i won't be eating that one for quite some time.
my mom had squash waiting for me at home so i ate it for a snack/late dinner of sorts one night. i am tired of squash now.

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