Monday, November 9, 2009


when i was in grade school, my friend and i would have sleepovers on friday nights and the next morning we would make giant batches of mashed potatoes and gravy to watch cartoons with. i had some instant mashed potatoes and some mushroom gravy so i decided to recreate those times but on a sunday afternoon!
the first picture is just the mashed potatoes with the gravy mixed in.

but this evening, i had to add a boca chikin patty. this reminded me of the rare hot lunches that i would partake in while attending grade school. they would give us a grisly chicken patty with gravy and mashed potatoes. i am amazed at how chicken-like the patties taste. it's ridiculous. but, i like them. i cooked both the gravy [canned campbell's mushroom gravy] and the potatoes with chardonnay. it was a nice addition. i also used parsley, a pinch of salt, and onion&garlic powder on the potatoes. yummm! i scarfed it down in like 2 seconds flat.

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