Monday, November 2, 2009

nothing new

unfortunately, i have been terrible at taking pictures of my food these last few days. i was working friday and saturday, then was out with my roommates and their friends. and i have been working on group projects and other course work. BOOOOOOOOOOOO. and not in the fun haunting way.

i have had pizza w. pineapple; mushroom; black olives; onions&garlic [each separately of course], baked potatoes w. salsa [so yummy], and leftover cupcakes and pumpkin seeds. not very exciting.

i'd like to share with you some items i am planning on making, however::

*homemade baked french fries
*mashed potatoes && mushroom gravy
*homemade bread
*french toast
*granola or granola bars [haven't decided yet]

these are just a few that might actually get accomplished this week. no promises though...

i hope you all had a fantastic halloween! i went as little red riding hood. it was a blast!

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