Saturday, July 24, 2010

dining out

there's an italian restaurant that my parents sometimes go to. they have a vegan pizza which is pretty decent. it's got artichoke, tomato, basil, onion, and mushroom on it.

also, and i find this very exciting--i went to my first specifically ALL-VEGAN restaurant the other day [karyn's on green in chicago, il]. my mom and i took the train into the city and walked there for lunch. then we walked around downtown a little and went home. i love spending these days with my mom. i love it an unbelievable amount.

i knew i wanted the buffalo chicken pita that was no question. then, when i had showed my mom the menu online she had said something about the philly cheesesteak. so, while i wanted the biscuits and gravy, i opted to get that. [our plan was to eat half and then flip]. well, the pita was to die for. but, the cheesesteak was not. the bread it was on was delicious, the insides weren't great. and the cheese was really greasy.

however, it was a delightful experience. we didn't end up getting dessert, but she already wants to go back! :)

i only got a picture of the pita b/c i couldn't eat both in one sitting. the meals were served with extremely delicious steak fries as well.

the food still looks pretty decent even after hours of trekking around in the heat and rain. [sorry the picture's not that great]

i didn't get pictures, but i also ate at a diner in dubuque, IA that had greek food. i had a pita [the BEST pita i have ever had] and a greek salad [minus the feta]. it was great! and unexpected to find something i could have. i want to go back there just for the pitas!

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