Saturday, July 24, 2010

fun days with my mom

i wanted to try this dressing b/c it was only a dollar. it was okay, but i probably won't buy it again.

the salad was great though with dried cranberry, onion & cucumber [from the garden], and romaine lettuce.

i had been wanting to make bbq jackfruit since i saw a recipe online. i was intrigued that it looked exactly like pork. plus, i LOVE BBQ sauce. i eat it on practically everything.

it certainly did not disappoint me. i put it in a slow cooker for about 4 hrs the first night. then i let it sit overnight. then, i heated it for about an hour more on the slow cooker. my mom looovvved it! we ate it out on the back porch together.

then, we enjoyed some blackberry wine!!!!! we stopped at a vineyard&&winery on the way home from our visit to my aunt's last month. we decided we'd have a special day and drink the wine, eat some BBQ and have dinner on the back porch. it was absolutely lovely.

we loved the wine. and actually, stopped back there to try a white wine with pineapple undertones. i'll let you know how that one is!

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