Wednesday, July 7, 2010

food. food. foooooooooood.

i found a recipe for roasted cabbage but i lost it. this cabbage is the only one that came from my dad's garden--all the others died. :( this is sad b/c i made up my own recipe and it was to die for! i used spicy brown mustard, olive oil and oregano to marinate the cabbage. then i roasted it in the oven until tender. it was soooo good!

my dad goes to an auction every week. last week, i decided to go with. i ended up spending a ton of money on fresh fruits. we ended up with a watermelon, 2 cantaloupes, golden delicious apples, and grapes. the watermelon was my favorite with the cantaloupe coming a close second.

these smoothies are from awhile back. just frozen banana with black raspberries. the little thinger on top of one is a rice cake. i lovvve rice cakes.


Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen said...

everything looks so good! I feel like everyones been making successful waffles except me!

Carissa said...

Ok so, I have a bunch of cabbage and that recipe sounds good. So all I need to add is spicy brown mustard, olive oil and oregano?

kimberly said...

yep! that's all i used && then roasted it spread out on a cookie sheet at 350F until they were tender.

you can base the amount on how much you like the ingredients. i really, really like spicy brown mustard so i use the most of that, about a tablespoon of olive oil and a couple sprinkles of oregano. i usually mix it in a bowl and then brush the cabbage with it.